Therapy tricycle delivery for a SMILE child

Therapy tricycle delivery for a SMILE child

Allison is a true professional who has provided outstanding assistance to SMILE. She has delivered guidance, support, and aid in creating policies based on best practices in the nonprofit sector, mentoring staff and board members in their roles, and helping to structure SMILE to become the organization its founders envisioned. She has been an invaluable resource as we work towards a marketing, fundraising, and communications strategy for our organization. SMILE is truly thankful for the work Allison has done with our organization.
— Kristen Mantlo, MSS, Executive Director, SMILE

Leading a nonprofit is hard. If you’re an Executive Director or Director of Development, it’s difficult to find time to do it all. You’re pulled in so many directions at once. Every fiscal year presents a new opportunity, and a new challenge.


Will you be able to raise enough money through your annual fund to fund your programs and services?

Do you have additional programs that you'd like to offer, if you had funding available?

Does each board member make a meaningful financial gift and participate in development?

Do you have a diverse development program that includes significant support from individual donors?

Have you evaluated your fundraising and determined the most effective strategies for raising money and engaging your supporters?


SparkNonprofit, LLC was created to help nonprofits raise more money so they can achieve their mission and build capacity for the future.

There's no secret sauce that can make funds appear overnight. It takes work to grow your development program. But we can make fundraising easier. We guide you through the challenges, evaluate your strengths and resources, help you locate new prospects for giving, and address your capacity needs. We partner with you to raise more money and engage your supporters. Our goal is to see you succeed at raising friends and funds, and overcome any fears and hesitations about fundraising. 

At Spark,

  • we listen and learn about your needs

  • we analyze and evaluate your current fundraising

  • we engage your board and staff through interactive educational programs

  • we develop and execute a plan to solve your fundraising challenges


What's your greatest fundraising challenge?  Email us and let's start the conversation: